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    New generation hearing solutions

    Hearing solutions today are in no way comparable to the amplifiers and hearing aids of the past which, even with updated technology, were often cumbersome and required a difficult adjustment period. Thanks to the most modern technology, ExSilent’s hearing solutions offer a range of options that can help you hear better. Besides this, they are nearly invisible, fit like a glove and are very easy to use.

  • Natural Sound Natural Looks

    Natural sound,
    natural looks

    To follow a conversation in a restaurant or in a crowded bar where music is playing, even with a 100% auditive capacity, can be a difficult task. With ExSilent hearing solutions the receiver as well as the microphone is placed in the auditory canal, which can help you hear what you need to hear. Approximately 20% of the people that would benefit from a hearing aid, actually wears one. ExSilent hearing solutions removes this stigma. They are so small and inconspicuous; there is no longer an obstacle.

  • Ytango And Qleaf

    Personal sound amplifier or hearing aid?

    ExSilent offers suitable solutions for hearing loss or the desire for amplification in different environments. For extra support during specific moments, you can make use of a discreet personal sound amplifier (Lite series), such as the Qleaf Lite or Ytango Lite. While not intended for individuals with hearing loss, these personal sound amplifiers have four standard programs and are available from your audiologist or dispenser as well as online in the webshop.


    If you have any of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss, you should first see your doctor or hearing healthcare professional to be tested for hearing loss and to determine whether a hearing aid is most appropriate for your situation. Hearing aids (Pro series) offer continuous support (most people wear them all day) and they are adapted to your personal situation by an audiologist or dispenser. For this reason, our hearing aids are only available through our network of professional audiologists and dispensers.

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Through years of research and development we can say that we belong to the absolute top in the area of ‘natural amplification of sound’ and the role it plays in everyday life.

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We are head over heels in love with our work. Every day we share our passion for people, sound and technology with the outside world.

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We know for sure that both the microphone and the receiver belong in the ear for the best performance. This has led to our patented MaRiC®-technology. A technology so small you can’t see but you definitely can hear.