Do you recognize the following situations?

While you are at home, your friends and family complain that you always turn up the volume on TV too high.
Televisie Square
You nod in agreement when others are speaking while in fact you cannot even follow the conversation.
Gesprek Square
You miss the entire point being made at a lecture.
Meeting USA Square

Your solutions

No matter to what extent you suffer from hearing loss or instead you only desire sound amplification for a number of reasons, ExSilent always offers a suitable solution: from hearing aids to personal sound amplifiers. Are you curious about the possibilities? Our products are listed for you here.

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Practical webshop

You can own your personal sound amplifier, a handy earphone, or other helpful accessories. Order them easily and quickly in our webshop. We can provide information to help you understand your choices.

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When first using a hearing aid or personal sound amplifier, there is an adjustment period. If you follow our suggested guidelines, you will get a great deal of use out of your auditive or amplification support. Perhaps you have more questions? We are glad to answer them.

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